Police set out festive operation

POLICE in Daventry have outlined their operation to tackle festive crime and disorder.

Operation Lapland has seen police and town centre wardens out on patrol in the town centre every day.

Sgt Sam Dobbs said: “Wardens and police officers have been tasked with achieving maximum contact with the public and retail outlets with high footfall.

“This means that the larger supermarkets receive a visit once a day or as the retailers prefers.

“The four Business Partnership Wardens have also amended their duties to work closely with the police staff to provide maximum spread of uniformed cover.”

Extra money has been provided by the police to Daventry Town Council to extend the monitoring hours of the CCTV network.

So far in December there have been four daytime shopliftings reported, one handbag and one purse theft, plus an arrest for fraud at a bank. In the evenings there have been nine arrests for possession of drugs, and two violent or antisocial offences, including a fight outside a pub.