Police seize more than £22,000 near Crick

Herts Police is investigating the 'cowardly' attack
Herts Police is investigating the 'cowardly' attack

Police have seized more than £22,000 near Crick.

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police Economic Crime Unit (ECU) has secured the forfeiture of £22,800, under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA).

The money was taken from a 27-year-old man on the A5 near Crick on May 12.

After being pulled over in his vehicle following a fail to stop for West Midlands Police the previous day, police seized the plastic bag containing the money.

The man, who is from Smethwick, was arrested on suspicion of money laundering and was later released from custody, under investigation.

The cash was detained under the POCA on Thursday, June 8, followed by a court hearing for the first application for forfeiture at Magistrates’ Court in Leamington on Monday (12 June).

The court ordered confiscation of the entire £22,800, determining that the money was intended for use in crime.

Bob Turner from the Alliance ECU said: “This is another example which illustrates Warwickshire and West Mercia Economic Crime Unit’s determination to protect our communities from harm.

“Our securing of the cash, believed to be obtained from crime or intended to finance criminal activity, is now out of circulation once and for all.”

A criminal investigation will be continuing to help determine whether this is a case of money laundering.