Police reveal crime is down

THE latest set of figures released by police show that crime is down.

Northamptonshire Police has revealed that crime across the county is down by 11 per cent.

The statistics show in the 12 months to September 2010 there were 6,265 less victims of crime in the county compared to the year before.

Assistant Chief Constable Martin Jelley has welcomed the news. He said: “The fall in recorded crime of 11 per cent up to September last year is heartening, and is due to the hard work of the officers, PCSOs and staff of Northamptonshire Police.

“In December, we actually recorded the lowest number of crimes since the National Crime Recording Standard was introduced almost 10 years ago, including the lowest-ever volumes for robbery, burglary, vehicle crime, criminal damage and violence.

“While the sub-zero temperatures clearly encouraged some criminals to stay at home, it is an excellent result.

“We cannot be complacent though. The robbery figures are good but they are still higher than our Most Similar Force average so there is still a lot of hard work to be done in this area.”