Police launch campaign against catalytic converter thefts

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Northamptonshire Police have this morning launched a campaign near Daventry to tackle catalytic converter thefts.

The force has been at the Nightowl Truck Stop off the A5 near DIRFT to launch the project.

Police say roaming gangs of thieves are targeting vehicles in Northamptonshire to steal the valuable catalytic converters attached to them.

Data collected by crime analysts at Northamptonshire Police has shown clear spikes in catalytic converter thefts in the county in February, March, August, October and December each year.

The statistics support evidence collected by the force which suggests gangs of thieves travel Britain targeting different counties at specific times of the year.

The thieves steal catalytic converters because of the precious metals they contain.

To tackle the situation, Northamptonshire Police has launched a campaign to target catalytic converter thieves and educate the public on ways to prevent thefts.