Police chief calls on public to put lid on excessive drinking

Northamptonshire Police spent Saturday night tweeting alcohol-related incidents to raise awareness of the problem.

The control room was tweeting about incidents from 10pm to 3am the following morning.

The aim was to provide a snapshot of the impact alcohol has on an evening of policing, and the type of incidents officers come face to face with on the streets due to people having too much to drink.

Chief Constable Adrian Lee, who leads the force and is the UK’s most senior officer responsible for fighting alcohol-related crime, has called on people to do more to tackle drunkenness.

In a recent 24-hour period in Northamptonshire, more than one in four incidents reported to police were related to alcohol.

Chief Constable Lee said: “Despite a comprehensive debate last year with immense public support, there have been few changes and police still have to pull officers off their beats to deal with the drunk and disorderly incidents in town centres every weekend.

“There is only so much progress we can make without individuals taking personal responsibility for their drinking.

“Social tolerance for excessive drinking is far too great and it is considered normal to be so drunk that people are not in control of themselves.

“This puts an enormous burden on police and health services and affects the service we offer to the public.”