Police cells make a return to Daventry

POLICE cells will be making a return to Daventry over the holiday period.

A custody village will be parked on the New Street Recreation Ground over Christmas and New Year to enable officers to deal with low-level offenders locally.

Sgt Paul Valentine, from the Daventry Rural Safer Community Team, who helped bring the custody village to the town, said: “If there are any arrests, we have to take the offenders over to Brackmills in Northampton where the new custody suite is.

“Although there are cells in Daventry, they have been condemned and we would have to get special permission to be able to open it up.”

The new custody village will come with its own custody sergeant and other officers.

Sgt Valentine added: “This will not be for people that are deemed to be a threat to the public.

“This is for people who, for instance, have probably had a little bit too much to drink and need to be put into the cells to calm down before officers speak to them.

“There has been nothing like this in Daventry before.”

The custody village is designed to be used to deal with anti-social behaviour and is set to be used throughout the festive period.

Sgt Valentine said: “We have asked for this because Daventry’s night-time scene is likely to be very busy over the festive period and we are delighted to have got it.

“It will save officers a lot of time having to travel over to Northampton and means that we can have more police officers out on the force.”

He was also hopeful that if the trial scheme was successfully used then it could become a more permanent fixture.

Sgt Valentine added: “At the moment, it is just there during the busy period we have coming up.

“But if it is successful and of real use to the police, the custody village could be used more and more.”