Police breathalyse Rudolph

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Police officers taking part in a Christmas drink drive campaign breathalysed reindeer as well as people last week.

On Thursday police in Holcot pulled over a motorist pulling a trailer containing reindeer. Officer then decided to make sure the animals were ready for their big night on Monday.

Chief Inspector Dave Lawson, from Specialist Operations, said: “We want everyone who uses our roads to be safe and that includes reindeer!

“Since the beginning of December, 63 people have been arrested as part of this year’s drink drive campaign and officers will be out throughout the Christmas period to continue the operation.”

Operations to tackle drink drivers will be taking place until the end of December, both in the evenings and in the early mornings.

Chief Insp Lawson added: “We don’t want to ruin anyone’s Christmas but I have to emphasise that it is the motorists’ responsibility to make sure they are not over the limit when they get behind the wheel. Our message is clear – if you are driving don’t drink alcohol.

“Now is the time to get organised and decide who is going to be your nominated driver or who is going to pick you up if you are planning to have a drink.”

PC John Hutchings is pictured with the reindeer in Holcot last week.