Police and volunteers help improve security at homes of two burglary victims in Kilsby

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Police have been helping to clear the gardens of two Kilsby residents who have recently been the victims of burglary.

Daventry PCSOs, Les Conopo and Lorraine Humfress, who cover DIRFT, Crick and Kilsby, worked on the gardens with organisers and participants of the Daventry Prince’s Trust.

Les and Lorraine felt that clearing some of the over-grown bushes and hedges would help reduce the risk of further crime and decided to take action.

They joined up with Daventry Prince’s Trust and local businesses to clear the gardens and improve home security both inside and out.

The fire service installed new smoke detectors and Tesco Distribution, DIRFT, supplied food and drink to the volunteers, as well as new garden fencing and gates. A local company also agreed to clear the waste.