Police and crime comissioner speaks about achievements

After his first 30 days in office, Northamptonshire police and crime commissioner Adam Simmonds has set out the commission’s achievements so far.

He said: “In that time I have set up an office, systems and governance procedures.

“I have got work well under way on the police and crime plan for the next five years and the budget for the next financial year.

“I have announced the establishment of a Victim’s Commission which will drive my aim to put victims of crime first.

“I have announced with the Chief Constable the setting up of a new organised crime and drugs and team to tackle one of the most serious issues facing the county.

“I have published my ‘Beginnings’ paper – a vision for policing and the criminal justice system in Northamptonshire.

“Of course I could have done all this much more slowly, but that’s not me.

“There is a huge job to do and we have made a start. There is much more to do and our rate of progress will continue into the New Year.”

To see a video outlining his achievements, see www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OVstH9zC_Do