Plea for more considerate car parking

Brian Lomax
Brian Lomax

Villagers have launched a campaign in response to scores of inconsiderate drivers parking on verges.

Posters have been put up at locations in Barby asking residents to park their vehicles with more consideration for others.

Parish councillor Brian Lomax said: “I had a number of people contact me about the problem, and one time my dog backed into me and tripped me as the gap left by a car was too narrow.

“There are some narrow streets in Barby, and some narrow pavements too. But it’s also happening near the newer homes in the village.

“The newer homes usually have space for one or maybe two cars, but the average must be two per household now, with households having four cars not being unusual.

“Some motorists are parking with two wheels on the pavement. That might leave more space on the road, but sometimes it means there’s not enough space for pedestrians.

“In places people are parking on verges too, causing damage to them. Some people are pulling up outside their homes and not even using their own drives or garages.

“It can force pedestrians, who may be older or have young children, to walk in the road as the pavement is blocked.

“The parish council discussed it and we’re now trying to get everyone to park considerately. So we’ve put up posters at the pub, the village hall and the village shop.

“We want to see what impact that has before we consider putting a leaflet through every door, as not everyone is doing it.”