Platinum party for Daventry couple

A Daventry couple celebrated spending 70 years together after their platinum wedding anniversary on Easter Monday.

Joseph and Daisy Toomey, aged 91 and 90 respectively, say the secret to spending so long together is “to know when to say your wife is correct!”.

Mr Toomey was born in Braunston top lock while Mrs Toomey (nee Barden) is Daventry born and bred.

Mrs Toomey said: “I was a tom boy growing up and I used to always be with my four brothers, and that’s how I met Joe when I was about eight.”

Mr Toomey said: “I signed up for the Navy when I was 14 and served in the war. I asked Daisy to marry me when I was on leave. We ended up getting married on April 1 because the leave dates where moved. And the weather was a lot warmer than it was this year!”

The couple married at Daventry’s Holy Cross but soon moved to Devon due to Mr Toomey’s job in the Navy. After 17 years’ service Mr Toomey left the Navy and worked in Daventry as a postman before going to the Timken factory for 26 years up until he retired in 1986. Mrs Toomey said: “We’re different people so we haven’t always agreed. But the secret is that I’m always right!” Mr Toomey added: “Daisy’s looked after me lovely all these years.”

The couple have two sons, five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, and had their family over to celebrate their anniversary.