Plans to build 80 
new homes in village

Steve Osborne
Steve Osborne

Long Buckby Parish Council has refused to meet with a developer proposing to build a new estate on a green field site on the edge of the village.

A letter from the developer was read to councillors at a parish council meeting on Monday, January 12, requesting a chance to discuss a proposal for 80 news homes on a 1,300 sq ft plot to the rear of number 8 Berryfield Road.

A planning application has yet to be submitted to Daventry District Council (DDC), but if successful the new development would bring the total new homes being constructed in Long Buckby up to 319.

It is understood the developer has already bought a bungalow on Berryfield Road to secure access to the site.

Steve Osborne, chairman of the parish council and head of Daventry District Council’s planning committee, said while he could not comment directly on the application, the mood among other councillors was not receptive.

“I don’t want to prejudice the planning application,” Mr Osborne said. “But the rest of the parish council feel this development would be outside the confines of the village and it does not have the potential to get through the planning system.”

However, Mr Osborne said he believes speculative applications on villages in the Daventry district will soon become much harder to get through the planning system as Daventry District Council is finally on the verge of achieving its five-year housing supply target set out by central government. The supply ensures there is enough new housing to cope with rising demand.

This news, however, will only frustrate local people opposed to new development in the village as inquiries into applications for 107- and 132-home developments on either side of Station Road were overturned by the planning inspectorate citing the lack of a five-year housing supply as an overriding factor.

Campaigners set up Buckby Residents Against Controversial Estates (BRACE) to put forward their concerns on the potential impact on local infrastructure and services.

One resident of Lime Avenue said: “It makes me feel so angry they want to build more houses in the village. The fact they may have already bought a bungalow is a concern. The developer is acting as if it has already got permission.”