Plans may secure depot future

Weedon Depot
Weedon Depot

A company could be set up to try to secure grants to restore the historic Weedon Depot.

The depot has recently been acquired by Weedon Garrison Ltd (WGL), and the proposal is for WGL to have control over parts of the site which have commercial income potential, while the rest is the responsibility of a trust company with DDC as one of the partners.

Daventry District Council will tonight (Thursday) discuss the plans. DDC leader Chris Millar said: “The issue of Weedon Depot has been on the agenda for as long as I have been a councillor, and probably longer.

“It is a huge site that is of national historical significance, and is therefore a major heritage asset in the district.

“What is being proposed is that DDC and other partners – perhaps for example the parish council – form this partnership.

“It would mean the partners have no liabilities. That’s important as we have a duty to taxpayers not to put their money at risk. We also have a duty to taxpayers to look after our historic heritage.

“There’s no definite timescale but we want to get it started as soon as possible.”

The first stage would be to apply to the Heritage Lottery Fund for start up funds of up to £10,000, followed by an 
application for money to 
draw up plans of work, and then a third application to carry out the work.

Cllr Millar said: “The priority is to stop the site deteriorating further and save it for the future. That long term view will need to look at the depot and how it can be made to work for the local community. There are no plans as yet for what it could be used for. But anything we propose needs to be carefully examined against a range of different measures to make it sustainable.”