Plans for wind monitoring mast are turned down despite officer’s recommendations

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AN ENERGY company has said it’s ‘very disappointed’ after plans to build a temporary wind monitoring mast were turned down.

TCI Renewables (TCIR) had hoped to erect the mast on the Shuckburgh Estate, south of Beacon Hill near Lower Shuckburgh.

The aim of the mast is to provide site-specific wind data to assist TCIR in its studies into the site’s suitability for the erection of wind turbines.

The company is hoping to build six 130-metre turbines on the land, but villagers have raised serious concerns about impact on the environment.

Stratford-on-Avon’s District Council’s planning officer had recommended the mast for approval, but councillors turned down the plans last week.

TCIR director Bruce Hutt said: “We are very disappointed with the council’s decision against this recommendation of its officers and actually feel that the true visual impact of the mast has in fact been grossly over-stated by committee members.

“Although tall, the mast is less than nine inches in diameter, it doesn’t stand out in the landscape unless you’re up close.

“This is the fourth consecutive time this council has overridden the recommendations regarding a wind mast application.”