Plans for more homes in two villages are revealed

Steve Sulston, strategic land manager at Avant Homes, at the consultation.
Steve Sulston, strategic land manager at Avant Homes, at the consultation.

Nearly 200 homes have been revealed to the public in two separate proposals for Staverton and Crick.

Avant Homes held a public consultation last week at Staverton Village Hall for 50 homes on land near to the village’s primary school.

A spokesman for the firm said: “The public consultation was very successful and was attended by around 100 local people.

“The development team was able to provide details on housing numbers, the proposed mix of new homes and timescales.

“A large proportion of residents showed their support for the delivery of bungalows and starter homes. They were enthusiastic about a new development in Staverton, where there is a need for new homes.

“Following the public consultation and the comments received we will now be reviewing the masterplan and making some changes to reflect feedback.

“The outline planning application will then be submitted by the end of April.” In addition a planning application has been submitted for 120 homes in Crick.

The scheme has been put forward by Gladman Developments, which has submitted several planning applications in the Daventry district.

It has proved controversial with a number of villagers and has led to the creation of an opposition group to fight the plans.

A post on the Save Crick Open Spaces Facebook group said: “The parish council will be holding a public open meeting to discuss the grounds for objecting to the Watford Road Scheme at 8:30pm at Crick Village Hall on Monday.

“Please turn up as the entire village needs to stand up to be counted.

“It is easy to complain after the event but better to fight before and stop the problem.”