Plans for indoor tip are thrown out

CHEERS rang out around the Daventry District Council offices after plans to build an indoor tip just 120 metres from a housing estate were rejected.

SITA UK had applied to turn a unit on Sopwith Way into a waste transfer centre where rubbish from homes and businesses could be unloaded, sorted and crushed.

But at a packed West Northamptonshire Development Corporation (WNDC) planning meeting on Wednesday night the plans were thrown out after a unanimous vote.

Residents living on the Timken Estate had been fighting the plans since June when they formed the Reject the Dump Group.

They had been backed by a number of councillors and nearby businesses who feared the waste centre would bring noise, pollution, smell and vermin to the site on Drayton Fields Industrial Estate.

And after the decision was made on Wednesday, Reject the Dump chairman Gary Bateson said: “We are very happy that we’ve come to the end of this journey. It will be interesting to see if SITA decide they want to appeal, but if they do we will be ready to fight it again.

We’ve had some very dedicated people fighting this campaign who we are very grateful to. This is a great outcome for everyone in the area and hopefully this will be the end of it.”

Mr Bateson spoke at the meeting along with Abbey North councillor Chris Long and Roger Monk, who is the chairman of Sopwith Way-based firm Multi Labels, who deal with food packaging.

Mr Monk said if the SITA site was approved his business would have to move because of the threat of fumes and dust coming through their filters.

Cllr Long added: “Environmental problems will be a certainty for both local residents and businesses alike.”

Michelle Spruth, a planner from SITA UK, defended the proposals and insisted the company would be a ‘good neighbour’ to residents and businesses. But the WNDC committee agreed with officers recommendations and refused the plans.