Pirate fun for little treasures at Daventry kindergarten

Emma Higgins.
Emma Higgins.

Little treasures at a Daventry kindergarten got dressed up for a day of pirate fun last week.

Children at Caring Kindergartens Ltd enjoyed a pirate day to tie in with an under the sea project.

Deputy manager Tina Bush, said: “We have been following the children’s interest in under the sea in our Ladybirds Room as they have pretended to be jellyfish while dancing and using pom poms. We have had bubbles and water play activities in our under two’s room Butterflies, World Ocean Day sparked this interest.

“Children have talked about the what happens at sea and begun to pretend to be pirates and searching for treasure.”

They took part in pirate activities and were joined by parents for a tea party complete with pirate pizzas and Polly’s crackers.

Tina added: “If you want to join our fun please come in and visit us for enrolment week this week.”

Parents who register their children before September will receive the third month of childcare for free.”