‘Pipe dream’ £750,000 cycle track between Daventry and Braunston close to reality

A £750,000 scheme to build a cycle track between Daventry and Braunston has gone from being a ‘pipe dream’ to close to reality.

Monday, 8th July 2019, 11:32 am

Daventry District Council has ‘long aspired’ to provide a cycle track between the two places that avoids the A45, and it is now on the cusp of being approved.

The recommended route uses an existing unbound cycle track from Farnborough Drive to the northern edge of Middlemore, and then near the edge of the fields until reaching the Grand Union Canal near its exit from the Braunston Tunnel.

Cabinet member for regeneration, Councillor David James, told councillors at the latest strategy group meeting on Thursday (July 4): “Finally we are getting there at long last, and we could finally see this completed by the end of the next financial year. What seemed like a pipe dream could soon become a reality.”

And cabinet member for finance, Cllr Colin Morgan, added: “I’m delighted to support this, it ticks so many boxes for connectivity.”

The council is set to enter into an arrangement with Christ Church, Oxford, for use of the land, endowed upon them by Henry VIII, to be used for the track. It would see the council maintain the track and the immediate land next to it.

In return, it will dispose of its leasehold interest in a strip of land near Daventry Country Park. Christ Church, Oxford, or entities connected with it, will then be able to purchase the freehold of the land, free of the leasehold interest.

Main works carried out would include the construction of a new 650m cycle track over Christ Church land, upgrading a 230m cycle track on the council’s land from Farnborough Drive north to the Christ Church land, and upgrading of the 200m CRT trackway, slope and towpath.

Councillors will agree whether to rubber-stamp the proposals at its next full council meeting.

James Averill , Local Democracy Reporting Service