Phoenix Centre set to benefit from new homes approval

The plans for the Phoenix Centre.
The plans for the Phoenix Centre.

One of the many schemes in the Daventry area to benefit from Mickle Well Park planning application getting approval is The Phoenix Youth Centre.

Money from the developer Landform Estates is to be given to the youth centre on Ashby Road, Daventry to help pay for its expansion.

Elaine Bedford, president of the Phoenix Youth Centre: “I am delighted to say that The Phoenix Youth Centre has taken another big step forward in its aim to extend and modernise the centre.  

“We have already secured funding from Daventry District Council and Sports England, and now with other funds becoming available from contributions from new developments in the town for sport and recreational facilities, we are moving closer to our target of £1.5 million.  

“We now have lots of work to do since we have criteria to meet in order to finalise the funding, which will be ring fenced for the project.

“However, we are optimistic that funds should be in place so that work on the site can begin in the spring of next year.”

Money will also be given to the Flore/Weedon bypass, new allotments and improvements to the canal towpath. Funding will also go to other community groups. The estimated total of the investment is £6 million.