Pets abandoned as the recession bites

Pictured is Penny Alexander with Smudge.
Pictured is Penny Alexander with Smudge.

More people are dumping their pets rather than finding them a new home in the difficult economic times, says one pet fosterer.

Penny Alexander lives in Newnham and takes in cats who have been found abandoned across the district.

She said: “At the moment I’m looking after seven cats. There’s something living in every room of the house!

“I think there are more being abandoned at the moment. People find they can’t afford the food or other bills and don’t know where to go.

“Some are dumped outside vets, others are just left miles from home.

“Smudge is one cat that I look after. He was found in a litter of three kittens on Borough Hill by the people that run the mast site now. They found them and took them inside to keep them warm and called the Algernon Trust.

“The trust looks after abandoned animals. I have a background as a veterinary nurse and started off fostering for an animal rescue centre. But I had to stop doing that.

“I then started volunteering at the Algernon Trust, which is based near Whittlebury. I still go down and help walk the dogs every week. But I ended up fostering cats again! Smudge is okay now and up for adoption, but he did have a bout of cat flu. He’s very friendly actually.

“All the animals I foster are eventually suitable for re-homing. It’s just finding those people who want to take them into their family.”