Petition fights school ban

Badby School
Badby School

Frustrated parents have launched a petition opposing a ban on taking photographs of their children at a village school.

More than 40 parents of pupils at Badby Primary School have signed the petition, which calls for the ban to be overturned and replaced with a photo licence. This would give parents permission to take photographs at the school as long as they were not published online.

One of the parents behind the petition, Declan Hamilton, said: “There is a lot of support for our course of action and there are a number of parents who do not want to get involved but who plan to ignore the ban and take photos anyway. This, I believe, will lead to further disharmony between teachers and parents at Badby. This will in effect render the policy ineffective. The school and the governors appear to want to adopt a strong approach to safeguarding which the parents respect, but to autocratically impose without consultation goes against our democratic right.”

Another parent, Debbie Azam, said: “I think the ban is disappointing. The Rose Day is a good example, where even though there will be a photographer there, I think a parent will concentrate on getting the perfect picture of their child, whereas the photographer might not.”

Another parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “What I find worrying is that other schools will think this is the right approach and there will be a knock-on effect.

“There are good reasons why some children can not, and should not, be photographed. But it does punish other parents who simply want photographs of some precious moments for their own family albums. That is why we have created this alternative, rather than just calling on the school to lift the ban.

Another anonymous parent said: “I think this is the school been a bit over sensitive on the issue and support the petition.”

A joint statement from headteacher Lindsey Evans and chair of governors Peter Banks said: “Decisions such as these are never taken lightly, however the safeguarding of children is always at the heart.

“As a school we take children’s safety extremely seriously and the request for parents not to take photographs during the Christmas performances was in order to follow safeguarding procedures.

“We have a number of children whose parents have not given permission for their photographs to be taken and we have a responsibility to them and their parents to respect this. In order to ensure memorable moments are captured, parents were given the opportunity to request a photograph of their child in costume after the performances.

“A small number of parents raised concerns over the issue of photography at school after the Christmas holidays. If there was a general feeling amongst the parents that they were unhappy with a policy, then we would of course review it whilst continuing to ensure that children’s safety remains our key priority.

“As always, we welcome any comments from parents and encourage them to speak directly with the headteacher about any concerns they have.We look forward to discussing with parents ways we can work together on this matter.”