Sunday roast delivered to your door in Daventry

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You can’t beat a good Sunday roast – and one Daventry woman has now set up a company which delivers them to your door!

Serving the town and surrounding villages, DeliverRoast is proving very popular says the woman behind it, Nicola Clift

She said: “We are a roast dinner delivery service operating just on Sundays at the moment. We deliver to Daventry and the surrounding villages between midday and 5pm.

“It’s something that I had wanted to start for a long time.

“My husband’s family used to own The Plume of Feathers in Daventry and I did the roasts on a Sunday in there for a few years and loved it.

“Since starting up it’s been really popular, in particular with Daventry’s elderly residents.

“One lady told me she only eats sandwiches because she is fearful of putting the oven on since she had a stroke – she is worried about it happening again so opted for just cold food so this has been great for her.

“The idea really came from working in The Plume of Feathers and having many customers who would want to have a dinner plated up to take home.

“I also wanted to provide something a bit different in takeaway food rather than your Chinese or pizza – our meals are full of fresh home-made food.”

To find out more and to order your Sunday roast, call 07495 199964.