Good Samaritan from Daventry raises benchmark to help heartbroken family

Joe mends grandparents’ memorial bench after vandal attack

Tuesday, 3rd May 2022, 10:35 am
Joe gets to work on the bench
Joe gets to work on the bench

A Good Samaritan from Daventry knew he had the skills to help a heartbroken family when he heard vandals had destroyed a memorial bench.

Joe Pursey, of Southbrook, was saddened to read Susan Pitt Cooper’s story in the Daventry Express.

Thugs destroyed her grandparents’ memorial bench at one of their favourite beauty spots in Borough Hill.

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Before - the vandalised bench.

Joe was instantly drawn to help the family as it was his own grandad who taught him woodwork.

He said: “I saw that it was a memorial bench for the lady’s grandparents and knew I had to help.

"It was my grandad who got me interested in woodworking when he was alive, so it just felt like the right thing to do.”

With permission, Joe collected the bench and spent his weekend repairing it.

Joe said: “Hopefully I can make it a bit sturdier to prevent any more incidents.”

The bench, in honour of Slim and Joan Pitt, will now stay with the family while funds are raised for a vandal-proof metal bench to put back at Borough Hill.

Susan said parents need to educate their children about respecting other people’s property.

She added: “The offers for help have given me back faith in humanity. We really have had an unbelievable response and help with our fundraiser for a new bench.

"We’re completely humbled as a family. It really has been overwhelming and we can’t thank everyone enough.”

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