Extras are invited to climb on board Brixworth singer's steamy music video

Get on board with Corrina JaneGet on board with Corrina Jane
Get on board with Corrina Jane
A Brixworth singer has invited people to join her for a day-long music video shoot on location at a Northamptonshire steam railway.

Pianist and song writer Corinna Jane Crabtree, who uses the stage name Corinna Jane, would like anyone would like to appear in the video for her new song, The Train, being filmed at

Brampton Halt in the county.

Corinna Jane said: "We want a great piece of art and we are trying to do a great production.

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All aboardAll aboard
All aboard

"I wrote the song when I was feeling a bit lonely. That feeling you get that there are so many people on the train and you're feeling alone but you wonder if other people are feeling the

same way. If you're romantic like me you wonder. It's a poetic look at life and the train is a metaphor."

The former Guilsborough School pupil would like anyone interested in taking part in the video shoot to wear sixties-inspired outfits and she is looking for potential co-stars who would like to

share the limelight.

She said: "If anyone fancies themselves as a bit of an actor then I'd love to hear from them. Anyone of any age can get in touch.

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"There is a subtle nod to the 1960s so people should come dressed in smartish clothes but nothing too over the top or ostentatious."

The shoot takes place on Monday, December 9 at Brampton Halt, near Chapel Brampton.

To take part in Corinna Jane's music video please contact her [email protected].