Decrease in gender pay gap for full-time workers in Daventry

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The gender pay gap for full-time workers in Daventry has shrunk slightly over the last year, official figures reveal.

It now stands at 9.6% hourly, compared to 10.3% in 2018, Office for National Statistics data shows.

The data reveals women take home an average annual salary of £26,728 – £9,087 less than the average man’s salary of £35,815.

The average pay figures for workers who live in Daventry are calculated using a median, rather than mean, average, to stop them being skewed by particularly small or large pay packets.

Across the UK, male workers in full-time jobs now earn 8.9% more than their female counterparts.

This represents a slight rise from 8.6% last year, the first increase in six years.

But ONS statistician Roger Smith said the national increase was not “statistically significant”, adding it is too early to say if it marks a change in trend.

“We also saw an increase in 2013 followed by a return to a downward trend in subsequent years,” he added.

In Daventry, the difference in pay between male and female workers, including those in part-time jobs, increased from 13.8% in 2018 to 16.3% this year.

Nationally, the average gender pay gap is 17.3%.