Daventry welcomes its new mayor for 2019/20

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The new mayor of Daventry says he is looking forward to stepping up to the challenge of his new role.

Councillor Mike Arnold, who represents the Hill ward on Daventry Town Council, was appointed to the ceremonial role following the town council’s annual meeting last Tuesday.

As the ceremonial ‘first citizen of the town’, the one-year tenure in office includes attending numerous community events for free as well as representing the town council at important occasions, such as Remembrance Day, St George’s Day and Bonfire Night.

Cllr Arnold, who lives in Fraser Close, Daventry, and is a member of the Labour Party, has been a councillor in Daventry for ten years and was the deputy mayor for the past 12 months.

Convention holds that the deputy mayor takes over as mayor the following year, with Cllr Arnold holding the mayoral position for the council year 2019/20.

He is a member of the museum, community services and finance & policy committees on the council, and his Hill ward covers areas around the east of town.

Of his appointment, Cllr Arnold said: “It is a great honour to have been elected as the new Daventry mayor and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

“I have enjoyed my time as deputy mayor over the past year and look forward to stepping up to take on this new challenge.”

Departing mayor Cllr Lynn Jones said she enjoyed her tenure and added: “My year as mayor of Daventry has been a truly uplifting experience.

“It has shown me that we have much to be proud of here in Daventry and that we are a valuable asset to Northamptonshire.

“I have enjoyed the privilege of being Daventry town mayor and I hope Mike will enjoy an equally fulfilling time.”

Cllr Jones had selected three charities to support during her time as mayor, Daventry Contact, Daventry Street Pastors and the WRVS, who were all supported through donations to the mayor’s fund.

The new mayor will confirm his chosen charity in due course, the council said.

Cllr Lynne Taylor, who represents the Drayton ward, has been appointed as the deputy mayor for 2019/20.

Community groups, schools, clubs or other town associations who would like Cllr Arnold to attend one of their events free of charge can apply to the town council.

People can fill in a mayoral engagement form, which is available to download from the website www.daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk, or phone the council office on 01327 301 246.