Crick’s Amazing Grace, 13, helps other people with epilepsy

A teenager from Crick who suffers from epilepsy is raising money to help other people with the condition.
Grace with her brother and sister.Grace with her brother and sister.
Grace with her brother and sister.

Grace Branston, 13, has suffered with the condition since the age of four.

Her mother, Kaytie, said her daughter has been through so much, but she’s a fighter who has never let her diagnoses get her down.

“Grace has faced many challenges through life,” said Kaytie.

“At one point she wasn’t able to go to school, they weren’t able to have her in due to the training issues with Grace’s emergency medication. Many different medications were tried and didn’t work, so she was put on the ketogenic diet through Leicester Royal Infirmary, which was extremely tough for her.”

The diet didn’t help and Grace’s health declined.

Kaytie added: “She was only getting around a minute’s rest between seizures at this point, morning and night, and we were back and forth to hospital to stabilise her.

“Grace was then referred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and they suggested trying a vagal nerve stimulator. There were no guarantees but it was worth a shot to give her some sort of life back.”

Her mother said the change in her daughter has been incredible.

Kaytie, who went on to have another son and daughter after a number of genetic epilepsy tests came back negative, said: “Grace is still heavily medicated alongside the device but she is able to enjoy life again.”

Grace is doing a cake sale with her mum for the whole of March, inspired by Epilepsy Awareness Day on March 26. She has raised more than £500.

“I’m so proud of her,” said Kaytie.

“We’d appreciate any donations or even if someone just wanted to send a bag of flour our way we’d be grateful.”