Crick woman’s ‘baby bump’ turned out to be tumour

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What should have been a happy occasion for a Crick woman turned out to be a frightening battle for her life.

Sophie Cheetham and husband Matt were looking forward to seeing their baby at the 12 week scan in January.

“No heartbeat came and there was no baby, but a huge mass that was growing where our new baby should have been,” said Sophie.

Sophie had a molar pregnancy and learned the mass was growing rapidly. She had it removed and was lucky to not need chemotherapy.

She added: “To go from expecting a new baby to potentially fighting cancer is terrifying, especially when you are labelled with a disease you have never heard about.”

Sophie, who is mum to Charlie, three, decided to help other people with the disease by taking part in a skydive on August 31.

Terrified of heights, she wanted to raise funds for the Cancer Research and Treatment Trust at Charing Cross.

Sophie said: “I used all the strength I have gained over this year to do the skydive.

“I am not looking for a medal, a pat on the back or sympathy, I want to raise awareness of this disease as it is so rare.”

Sophie added: “I want to support and stand together with all the women who have or will go through a molar pregnancy.”

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