People urged to sign up to save money on energy bills

People are being offered an opportunity to save money on their energy bills with a new scheme being offered by Daventry District Council (DDC).

The Big Switch Daventry District will harness people power in a bid to secure a better deal on gas and electricity for those who sign up.

DDC has teamed up with a leading collective switching expert, iChoosr, to offer residents a simple, hassle-free method of switching energy suppliers, hopefully saving them money in the process. It is the first time a scheme of this kind has been run in Northamptonshire.

Anyone who pays a household energy bill can register for free by visiting or by phoning 01327 871100.

It is quick and easy to register, with only an annual energy bill required to complete the process.

Once registration closes on February 2, the council’s switching partner iChoosr will gather everyone’s registrations together and invite energy companies to offer their best tariff to everyone in the scheme in a reverse auction process.

Everyone who signed-up for the scheme will then be sent details of the winning tariff as well as individually-tailored information about how much they could save by switching.

People will have until March 16 to decide whether they want to switch. There is no obligation to accept the offer and no fees or charges involved.

There are no guarantees that everyone who signs-up will save money, but 98 per cent of people on the last scheme run by iChoosr elsewhere in the country were able to make savings on average of £221.

DDCs environment portfolio holder Cllr Daniel Cribbin, said: “Energy prices continue to rise and many of our residents are paying too much for their gas and electricity, either because they haven’t got time to switch suppliers or find the prospect daunting.

“This scheme offers a simple, hassle-free method for people to get a better deal on their energy bills. It harnesses the collective buying power of the people who register in order to get the cheapest possible tariffs from the energy companies.

“All people will need to do is register and the rest of the work is done for them. It is free and there is no obligation to switch providers at the end of the process. It really is a win-win situation.”