Pensioner’s fear over “danger” ice from spring

Janet Morris.
Janet Morris.

Falling temperatures and rising fuel bills affect many pensioners, but for one Daventry resident winter also brings a slippery problem.

For the past 10 years, 75 year old Janet Morris of Somerville Road has been battling to alter the course of a natural spring which runs from nearby Stefen Hill pocket park across the entrance to her property.

Every year freezing conditions transform the fresh water into a treacherous slick of thick ice covering part of her drive and adjoining pavement and road.

Now Mrs Morris says she is “fed up” with the response from local authorities, who have been unable to resolve the problem, and worries about the danger the ice would pose to people who use the street as a shortcut to nearby shops and a pub.

“For the past few years I have been unable to get anybody to come do anything,” Mrs Morris said. “It is so dangerous. And the problem has gotten worse over the past 10 years. The water used to go onto the pavement higher up, but now it has changed course. I fell and broke my ankle on a similar patch of ice under snow five years ago. But this is what worries me; if somebody falls over out there am I liable?

“I am in that group of people where most people who come to see me are older and have to be careful.

“I am constantly warning people about it and telling them to be careful. It’s not just a winter problem – in the summer there’s a really bad smell as the water becomes stagnant.”

The water has been proven to not come from a mains source. A spokesperson for Daventry District Council said the issue was the responsibilty of the Northamptonshire County Council. At the time the Gusher went to print, the county council had yet to comment.