Pensioner hurt after vicious dog attack

Pictured is Christine Gladwell who was attacked by a dog
Pictured is Christine Gladwell who was attacked by a dog
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An elderly woman from Woodford Halse had to spend two days in hospital after a dog attacked her during a routine morning walk.

Christine Gladwell, 70, was walking her 15-year-old dog Ross along Mallard Drive in Woodford Halse when they were both attacked by another dog.

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier sunk its teeth into Ross’ neck before biting Mrs Gladwell’s hand.

It took three people to try and stop the dog from continuing its attack.

Mrs Gladwell, who lives in Mallard Drive, said: “It all happened so quickly.

“I knelt down to try and stop the dog and it got hold of me and wouldn’t let go.

“I thought I’d lost my thumb and then I thought I’d lost my dog.”

Mrs Gladwell was taken to hospital in Banbury to treat the bite on her hand.

Bt it became infected and the pensioner ended up being hospitalised for two days during which she underwent an operation on her hand.

Mrs Gladwell was discharged shortly after the attack but has had to return to hospital to have her dressings changed.

She said: “I’m not having a good morning today. The trouble is every time I shut my eyes it comes back to me.

“At least my dog seems to be recovering well.”

Ross, who suffered bruising and shock, was taken to the vets after the attack to have his puncture wounds treated.

Mrs Gladwell’s son Nick said: “We didn’t think the dog would make it as he’s so old but he seems to be doing okay.

“This has ruined my mum. She won’t go out now.

“She was nervous enough as it was before but she’s terrible now. She’s lost her confidence now.

“That dog is always off its lead. We’re dog lovers but we’re responsible dog lovers.

“There’s lots of families that live around here.

“Thank goodness it wasn’t a child that was hurt.”

Northamptonshire Police confirmed they were called to Mallard Drive at 7.30am on Thursday, November 28.

The force said it was investigating the dog attack.