Pensioner dies two years after car accident in town

A man died from a seizure two years after hitting his head in an accident when he was involved in a collision with a car as he was walking home.

Leslie Winter, 80, died at Danetre Hospital in Daventry as a result of trauma caused when he was run over in 2011. He was hit by a white Toyota Prius as he walked across Naseby Drive near his home in Daventry.

The driver said he had been driving slowly around the “sharp bend” when he heard his car collide with Mr Winter, who he had seen earlier on the pavement.

Mr Winter was taken to Northampton General Hospital and treated for a head injury. He was kept in an orthopaedics unit for almost three months.

He then returned home but his health deteriorated and he was admitted to Danetre Hospital a month before his death on August 1, 2013.

Medical professionals from both hospitals said Mr Winter suffered a seizure soon after the accident, and then another one several months later, which resulted in his death.

They said that both attacks were a direct result of trauma caused by the accident, but added that Mr Winter had not been given epilepsy medication because he did not show signs of having the condition.

Mr Winter’s wife, Christine, said that her husband was “never the same” after the accident.

She remembered her husband as a “jolly and cheerful man”, who loved walking, motorsports and would always treat their two children.

She said: “We are saddened by how much he suffered and we miss him terribly.”

During an inquest into his death on Wednesday last week, senior coroner for the county Anne Pember, recorded a verdict of accidental death.