Paying to recycle and dump rubbish?

The possibility of charging people to use tips and recycling centres has been raised by Northamptonshire County Council.

The council, which needs to make cuts and increase revenues to balance its books, has suggested making people pay £1 to use its household waste recycling centres, like the one in Daventry, might be way forward.

The council says it is proposing to review its recycling centre service in a bid to save £1 million over the next five years.

However, some say the charge could mean increases in fly tipping – something the Daventry District Council has to pay to clear up.

The story generated a huge response on the Daventry Express Facebook page.

Pat Ayers said: “We pay enough in rates already. All it is going to do is to encourage people to fly tip. We’ve got overflowing public bins, rubbish all up the roads, and pot holes galore and they’ve got a nerve to suggest paying to dump our rubbish.”

Alan Cullinane said: “I hardly use it. I’d rather pay the couple of quid a year than have my council tax upped by £20 a year.”

Councillor Michael Clarkesaid: “You will always have a very small minority who will fly-tip, but the vast majority attach value to recycling centres.

“People already spend money on petrol in getting to the centres, so asking them to pay an extra £1 is not going to be a deal-breaker.

“The income we would generate from a nominal charge would go a long way to bringing in the savings for the benefit of council tax payers,” he added.