Passengers approval for train firm down

SATISFACTION with the company running trains through Long Buckby has dropped.

Passenger Focus’s autumn survey showed overall satisfaction with London Midland had dropped by three per cent to 83 per cent compared with the survey carried out in spring 2012.

The company only managed to improve its rating in one category, with satisfaction with facilities and services increasing by six per cent. There were drops in satisfaction with the frequency of trains, punctuality/reliability, length of journey/speed, and ease of getting on and off.

In terms of value for money, satisfaction levels remained constant at 52 per cent.

The firm was also given a satisfaction rating of just 46 per cent when it came to dealing with delays.

London Midland faced a shortfall in drivers in 2012, leading to reduced or cancelled services, particularly at weekend. The Government has agreed 
a free travel and cheap 
ticket deal as compensation for frustrated passengers.