Party marks 100th birthday milestone

Mhde-04-11-13 100 Oct70''Dorothy Money celebrated her 100th birthday  on November 3rd 2013.
Mhde-04-11-13 100 Oct70''Dorothy Money celebrated her 100th birthday on November 3rd 2013.

A Daventry woman was thrilled to receive a telegram from the Queen marking her 100th birthday on Sunday having met her several times before.

Dorothy Money was born near Huddersfield in Yorkshire and moved south to work during the war in 1940.

She lived only a few minutes’ walk from Windsor and had just had her first and only child when she met the Queen.

Mrs Money said: “The Queen was out riding when I met her and she was a little girl at the time. She saw me walking with my daughter in a pram so she came over to say hello.

“I have been to Buckingham Palace several times since and the Queen said she remembered speaking to me.

“She is the most incredible lady and remarkable for remembering people the way she does, I think she’s wonderful and it meant a lot to get a card from her on Sunday.”

As well as her telegram Mrs Money received flowers, perfume and chocolates for her birthday on November 3 and celebrated the milestone with a family party at her Evelyn Wright home.

She was joined by her daughter and son-in-law, four grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren aged between two and 19 and several other members of family throughout the day. The family enjoyed a buffet and party and invited one of Mrs Money’s favourite singers and pianists, Mike James Smith, to perform.

Mrs Money said: “The singer has a very lovely voice and I like the piano as I played a lot when I was younger.

“I was going to be a professional pianist at 15 but unfortunately I lost my dad and my mother had been brought up very wealthy and wasn’t accustomed to working, so I had to take an office job.

“Shortly after that I met my husband and life changed all together.”

Mrs Money was working as a gardener when she met, and later married, head gardener Frank Money in 1943.

The pair later moved to Leicestershire and Mrs Money only came to Daventry when her husband died in 1994.

Mrs Money then moved to the town to live with her family before moving into the Evelyn Wright home four years ago where she enjoys watching birds from her window.

The Daventry Express would like to wish Mrs Money a very happy 100th birthday.