Park water warning over toxic bacteria

A WARNING has gone out after a dog fell ill after swimming in a Daventry reservoir.

Potentially toxic blue-green algae has appeared in the reservoir at Daventry Country Park.

Warning signs have now gone up around the park, but they came too late for one dog owned by Gary and Christine grant, from Exeter Close in Daventry.

Mr Grant said: “It happened last Wednesday when my wife Christine took our labrador Tyler for a walk around the Country Park.

“Labs being labs, when he was let off the lead he went straight into the water.

“We got him home and washed him off but there was green stuff around his mouth.

“My wife phoned the vets to see if it could be a problem and they said to bring him in straight away.”

Tyler had to undergo an emergency stomach pump with charcoal to try and remove any of the toxins.

Mr Grant said: “When I saw how distressed Tyler was and I heard how bad this could be I honestly thought I might be faced with having to put him down.

Mrs Grant said: “The problem was there were no signs up at the park where I walked.

“If I had seen a warning I wouldn’t have let him off the lead.”

Tyler is back home and appears to be making a recovery, but it is believed he is not the only pet affected by the algae.

Blue-green algae is a cyanobacteria and can produce toxins in lethal concentrations. There is no specific antidote.

Kate Stitt, from Daventry Veterinary Clinic, said: “Fortunately, thanks to the quick reactions of Tyler’s owners, he has been extremely lucky.

“If your pet has entered the water or may have drunk any, you should contact your veterinary surgeon immediately as emergency treatment may be required. Do not wait to see if any symptoms develop.”

The algae should disperse with colder weather or if it rains heavily.