Parents’ hopes scuppered

It is now ‘unrealistic’ to expect a school to be built on Daventry’s Middlemore estate says a report to be discussed tonight (Thursday).

Daventry District Council’s strategy group is set to back using the last pieces of land on Middlemore for houses rather than continue to reserve land for a primary school.

DDC’s report says: “There is no prospect of a free school being established on Middlemore. On this basis the previous council decision is that the land would be used for housing.”

The estate was originally planned to include a school. Many residents bought their homes believing they would soon be living just a few streets from a new primary school.

Site Four in the original estate masterplan was first earmarked for the school. It was then moved to Site 10.

When Site 10 was built on, Site Eight East was made available until 2013 as a free school bid was drawn up. The initial bid failed, and DDC reserved the plot for a further 12 months until July 2014.

Several years ago Northamptonshire County Council said it would not provide a school. The MRA took up the cause and worked to draw up bids to open a free school.

But new tougher guidelines for free school bids and information that in September Daventry will have around a class-worth of empty reception places have made it unlikely a Middlemore bid would be successful.

A primary school is set to be built on the under-construction Monksmoor estate. DDC has said it will submit a bid to build that school itself following lessons learnt on Middlemore.