Over to you now traders...


Daventry’s town centre warden scheme could be in the hands of local businesses after the town council voted not to implement a new temporary service.

The managing director of Crimesecure, responsible for running the CCTV service in the town, Chris Healey, is now in the process of approaching businesses in the hope they will work together to re-implement the scheme.

Town councillors said on Monday that setting up the warden service for a three- month trial period was too onerous and costly to agree to, but they hoped Daventry District Council would be proactive in its management in future.

Mr Healey said: “I think the town council made the right decision for them. The wardens probably should be paid for by the businesses and we can’t just expect the town council to run it. On top of that I don’t think a three-month trial would have been enough to see the worth of the service and would have killed it off.

“What I’m trying to do now is sound out local businesses and see if they’re willing to put a bit in to run the service. I’m doing my research at the moment and waiting to hear back from the big boys like Waitrose and Tesco.”

Mr Healey said the businesses he had approached so far we very enthusiastic about retaining the service after it disbanded in March following the closure of the Daventry Business Partnership.

Sheaf Street business owner Peter Harper said he is among those who has a desire to keep the warden service going to keep crime to a minimum in the town.