‘Outstanding’ lessons at a town school

ENGLISH lessons at a secondary school in the town have been judged “good” with “outstanding” features.

Ofsted inspectors spent two days last month at the Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village (DSLV) Senior School.

It was judged overall to be good with the leadership of the subject as outstanding.

The report is a boost for the recently created learning village which became an academy earlier this year.

DSLV principal David Howell said: “Our exam results have moved sharply upwards over the last few years and are now above the national and Northamptonshire average.

“Our English team is strong and it is brilliant to see the word outstanding in an Ofsted report on our academy.

“DSLV is building on its strengths and is becoming increasingly popular.

“In fact we are having to increase the number of classes that we have in the school next September in response to demand.”

The report was also full of praise for the efforts made by the teaching staff at the school stating: “The consistently good day to day teaching makes a significant contribution to students’ achievement.”

“The students leave school with attainment that is above the national average.”