‘Outcry’ over new changes to bus routes


Villagers are in uproar over sudden changes to bus routes linking them to nearby towns.

Last week Stagecoach Warwickshire launched significant changes to several bus routes, impacting on Braunston in particular.

The village had been served by two Rugby to Daventry routes; the number 10 along the A45 and the number 12.

But Stagecoach has now re-routed the number 10 via the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT).

Abigail Campbell, who is a district councillor for the village, said: “There has been an outcry in the village. It’s caused a bigger stir than anything I can remember as a councillor.

“It’s had a large impact on people; particularly those who live down at the marina end of the village, or students wanting to go to Rugby, in particular Ashlawn School.”

Cllr Campbell, who is also on the parish council, said more could have been done to have told people in the village about the change.

“Notices telling people about the changes went up about three or four days beforehand.

“The parish council was never informed and usually we help get the message out about bus changes.

“The changes came in right at the start of the new school year and parents and students were having to work out again how they could get to and from school at very short notice.

“People are upset about the loss of the service, but it’s the way it’s been communicated that’s caused a lot of problems too.

“The changes do mean some parts of Daventry, like Timken or Middlemore, are better served, and DIRFT is linked to Daventry for the first time, but it’s Braunston that’s lost out.”

For further information and the new bus timetables visit Stagecoach.