Out with the old as museum plans a facelift

An artist's impression of what one of the new rooms could look like.
An artist's impression of what one of the new rooms could look like.
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IMAGES of how Daventry’s museum could be transformed have been unveiled.

Daventry Town Council Museum, based in New Street, has £125,000 to launch ‘Sharing Stories – A People’s Museum for Daventry’ designed to get more of the community involved with its history. Now these artists’ impressions give an idea of what the building could look like.

The project has been developed by the volunteers who run the museum and the town council.

The idea behind the project is to give the building a more ‘museum’ feel to it, and allow items to be better displayed.

Improvements will be made to the entrance hall and the council chamber, where most of the exhibitions are displayed.

The money will also allow a disused room – previously a gents’ toilets – to be transformed into an old-fashioned room for workshops for visiting schoolchildren or for housing more displays.

David Adams, chairman of the Friends of Daventry Museums, said: “It’s pretty good to see what’s being planned there.

“Making use of rooms that are empty is a good idea and the new cases will look better and be more secure too.

“A good point is they want to put a glass door inside the entrance hall and leave the big wood outside door open, so people can come in at anytime.”

The project aims to involve more of the community in their history.

The museum hopes to involve other groups in the town, such as the Phoenix Youth Centre and schools, and potentially take the museum out to the people with displays and exhibitions going on show in different locations.