Opposition group reacts to the plans for the new estate

The Mickle Well Park Opposition Group has restated its opposition to the development following the news that a new school is planned for the site.

The group’s chairman, Chris Humphries, said: “We understand and accept the need for further housing, we simply want to be confident that the council takes the best decision for Daventry in the long term. We believe this development is purely a commercial opportunity to make key people a lot of money and is badly timed.

“We understand the council is close to releasing Daventry’s strategic development plan which will have been considered in the best future interests of the town as a whole. If the developers really want to do what’s right for the town they will respect and work with these recommendations.

“On past experience, trusting developers to deliver their promise has always been an issue and the latest sweetener of a school is somewhat reminiscent of the pledge given with the Middlemore development.

“Isn’t that something also promised by the developers of Monksmoor just a stone throw away from this proposed site?

“If you want to do what’s right for everyone in Daventry, please show your support to persuade this developer to work within Daventry’s strategic plan.”

For more on the group visit www.facebook.com/micklewellopposition.