Letters: Delight at opening of new shop in town

I am delighted to now see that a new high quality shop is open in the town.

Letter. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150730-111636001
Letter. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150730-111636001

I am really pleased that the Sheaf Street Health Store is now open, and is owned and operated by highly regarded experts in the field of health.

I was really eager to see the store open and I was incredibly impressed by the range and quality of the products and the overall approach of the business – which will be an exciting venue in the town.

In fact the Sheaf Street Health Store is more than a shop – it will be a venue for community engagement around health with courses and workshops and theatre with food tasters and on-hand expertise.

I have already enjoyed some tastebud-refreshing tea there.

After many years, where Peter Harper championed the Sheaf Street community, it is welcome to see such a quality replacement.

Many of the products available in the store are virtually not available for miles around – with Northampton being the nearest for some of the products.

Some products one might find in Leamington or Market Harborough.

I often purchase products in the store currently when I am in London, so I really look forward to buying these products in Daventry instead.

We are so fortunate that the Sheaf Street Health Store chose Daventry to invest.

A mark of utter confidence.

The store is gorgeously fitted out, with a real sophisticated design and complete from local business in Braunston, with sumptuous classy colours and the artwork inside depicts a spectacular street scene of Sheaf Street by internationally renowned local artists Tim Wilson and Necati Zontul.

In fact, I think it would be rather splendid if we could purchase this artwork in Evergreen Art Cafe perhaps?

Can we meet the artists who have so thoughtfully depicted our Sheaf Street?

When I visited Daventry with my family, on our usual Saturday shopping trip, I was so pleased to see the buzz of the new Sheaf Street Health Store and a “Meet the Artist” Event at the Evergreen Art Café.

So, the extensive investment in the new store by local business people using local craftspeople and stocking high quality sustainable products demonstrate there is confidence in our town.

I hope readers of this will do what I will do – and use the new store as much as you can.

In fact, it has given me a real place to experiment and buy more healthy food to sample.

Here is to a healthier Sheaf Street and a “healthier body” in 2017!

Good luck to the team at the Sheaf Street Store – I wish you all the best for the coming years.