Hold the celebrations ... Diary of a Corona Kid (week 12)

Picture posed by modelPicture posed by model
Picture posed by model
Today was supposed to be a bit of a celebration.

I was set to finish my GCSEs, and was about to start what was billed as ‘the best summer of my life’.

That was a pretty bold claim at the time, and now it seems pretty impossible.

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Yes, shops are now open, although I haven’t yet returned beyond the supermarket.

We can form a ‘support bubble’ with another person, but that still doesn’t mean I can visit my friends; it just means that I can get within two metres of someone who lives by themselves.

If I’m honest, I’m still a bit scared to do that.

The media have done such a good job of warning of the risks that now I don’t trust myself not to spread a disease that I’m pretty certain I do not have.

And I do appreciate that I sound like a grumpy teen, but in my defence, I have been locked-down for about three months.

And I do also know that everyone else has been too.

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I am glad that we’re making progress; things seem to be getting back to normal, albeit with the addition of face coverings.

Hopefully, we will get a haircut in July, which is much needed as my fringe now covers my nose (that’s not even an exaggeration).

However, my hairdresser won’t be asking me where I’m going on my holidays because I won’t be going any further than Dover.

It was also supposed to be Prom Season, which has obviously been cancelled. Even if more than six people could meet at a time, how are you meant to socially distance at what’s supposed to be a social event?

So, for us, the dresses and suits will carry on hanging in the wardrobe. I, for one, hope that we can wear them some day soon.

Take care of yourselves, Corona Kids.

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