Great Day indeed... Diary of a Corona Kid (Week 6)

(Picture posed by model)(Picture posed by model)
(Picture posed by model)
On Wednesday, April 29, Britain was given some joyous news to lift our spirits during lockdown.

My favourite boy band, Take That (sorry JLS), announced they are turning their hit West End musical, ‘The Band’, into a film.

Gary, Robbie, Howard, Jason and Mark are releasing ‘Greatest Day’, a film about five girls who grow up with the band.

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I appreciate that I’m about 20 years younger than most fans, and wasn’t even born when Robbie left, so I didn’t need to ring The Samaritans or anything.

Fast-forward about a decade, and an eight-year-old Caitlin is playing Gary Barlow in the Year Three assembly.

At the time, he was head judge on The X Factor, and Henry VIII’s wives were at bootcamp (I’m not sure either!)

‘Progress The Deluxe Edition’ had been given to me as a present for my birthday. I knew then, and still know now, every word.

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My friend who travelled with me on the coach to see ‘The Band’ musical at the Derngate in Northampton, found that out the hard way when I sang it all the way home.

I kept ‘Progress’ on repeat on my MP3 player for a long time. I even performed some of Gary’s solo work to my class at primary school, which I get reminded of frequently.

Then Jason left.

Yes, Gary, Mark and Howard were still there, but it was now a trio, so less impressive if you could name them all, which I could.

The Take That musical was a fabulous celebration of their greatest hits, and we even got to do the ‘Never Forget’ arms in the air thing.

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Myself, my friend, our mums and the coach-load of 40-something ladies had a blast, so I can’t wait to see the film, even if it takes a while to make. I guess I’ll have to have a little patience!

Also, many congratulations to the PM and Carrie on the birth of their son, also on April 29. So much good news in one day!