‘Operation should be available to all’

Holly Davies
Holly Davies

DAVENTRY’S MP is taking up the campaign to get a life-changing operation made available on the NHS.

Chris Heaton-Harris wants selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) treatment to be freely available for children who need it.

Two-years ago the family of six-year-old Holly Davies, from Daventry, paid £40,000 to fund her operation in America.

She suffers with cerebral palsy which previously left her unable to walk flat-footed, but her treatment means she can now live a completely normal life.

There are now specialist centres in Bristol and Leeds, but a postcode lottery system means that some children are getting the operation on the NHS while others are having to pay £24,000.

Mr Heaton-Harris was due to address Parliament late last night (Wednesday) to put his argument across.

He said: “Nearly 100 per cent of cases of this surgery are successful in helping children to walk and change their lives. It costs £24,000 but it saves the state money in the long run without a doubt.

“We should not be stopping any child from having this.

Holly’s mum Jo Davies added: “This is something that should be available for all on the NHS. What we need now is a couple more centres of excellence set up around the country.

“This could help 200 children a year walk properly so it’s a small price to pay.

“Chris has been great with his support, we couldn’t have asked for more from him.”