On-form racer David ends second in his class

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WEEDON racer David Bryant had a successful first meeting of the year in his Toyota MR2.

At the Classic and Sports Car Club event held on the new Snetterton 300 layout he finished second in class ahead of several more powerful and lighter cars.

“This is the first time I’ve entered my own car in the Future Classic Series. I had a run at Brands Hatch last year in a friend’s Davrian kit car and really enjoyed the challenge of racing against such a varied collection of older cars. Previously I’d only raced against identical Toyotas, and while the 15-minute races are always exciting, the risk of bodywork damage was high”.

For this season David has teamed up with 2009 MR2 champion Mark Jessop. The CSCC races are 40 minutes long with a compulsory driver change at the midpoint.

“I qualified one second off Mark’s best time, which for someone with his experience I was very happy with. Unsure of how much fuel we would need, we started the race with a heavy load which proved to be a mistake that we’ll learn from.”

The Toyota was picked off easily on the rolling start by the more powerful Jaguars and TVRs. With a full tank David struggled to match his practice times from earlier, but after a few laps he used the superior braking of the RSD Toyota MR2 to gain on a Triumph TR7. The Triumph was clearly quicker in a straight line but was vulnerable in the braking zones. After trading positions several times David made the position stick and set his sights on a TVR up ahead.

“I was massively outgunned by the TVR 3000M, but thought let’s just give it a go. Like the TR7, the older car was braking much earlier for the corners and I was closing up on every bend. But when we got onto a straight he could easily pull 10 car lengths on me.”

The battle was finally conceded when David ran wide on entry to the long back straight while catching a big slide.

He decided the time was right to hand over the wheel to Mark Jessop.

Car 381 was brought into the pits and the driver change went smoothly. By comparison, Mark had a quiet race, but the now lighter car was flying and clocking lap times equal to those in qualifying.

When the chequered flag came out the RSD-sponsored Toyota was a creditable second in class ahead of several Porsches, BMWs and Jaguars.

“ The only car in class to beat us was a Vauxhall which has an extra 50 BHP and is 300kg lighter than our car.

“If I can raise the money I still plan to do three MR2 championship races this year, which means the car must remain pretty standard.

“Mark is putting together a lighter and more powerful car for Spa in June, which we plan to have ready for Brands Hatch in May. All being well we can then take the fight to the big boys!

David thanked RSD, Daventry’s Audi and VW service centre, for their continued support.