Military plane could have caused crash

A three-car pileup near junction 16 on the M1 last Friday could have been caused by a low-flying military aircraft, it has been claimed.

Drivers heading southbound past junction 16 may have been surprised by the apparent appearance of a low flying aircraft performing training manoeuvres, although this has yet to be formally confirmed by the Ministry of Defence.

Robert Cochrane-Gough, a London IT account manager, was catapulted 20-feet when his Jaguar was in a collision with a people carrier at around 6pm last Friday.

Mr Cochrane-Gough, who lives in London and has three children, was travelling southbound past junction 16 of the M1 when what he describes as ‘a large military plane’ flew over the motorway.

Mr Cochrane-Gough, 48, said the unusual sight caused him and other drivers to look up and became distracted. He added he had to brake hard when he saw the queue of traffic ahead of him. He claimed a black people carrier then collided with his passenger side at around 50mph. No one was hurt in the accident.

He said: “I spun a full 180 degrees,and while in the air my front nearside wing hit the car in front. It was a full HD, Matrix-like slow-motion event; all objects and glass flying round the cabin, accompanied by a metal-on-metal crunching soundtrack.”

Police say they had no reports of a low flying aircraft in the area at the time.