Objections to 30 new homes

RESIDENTS raised concerns and objections to 30 new homes planned for Weedon.

The development, off Ordnance Road, known locally as Lovers’ Lane, would see nine affordable homes, and 21 commercial ones built on a piece of land north of the lane and south of the river.

Ann Ranshaw is chairman of Weedon Bec Parish Council’s planning committee. She said: “We called a meeting for the public to have their say on Thursday last week.

“We had a good turnout but I cannot remember a meeting where the feeling was so unanimously opposed to the plans.

“The main issues raised were that it is outside the village confines and that the land has been used as an unofficial park by the public for years. It’s an historical site next to the old depot with lovely views over the river and countryside.”

The comments from the meeting will now go to a full meeting of the parish council. If approved they will then be sent on to Daventry District Council, which makes the decision on the application.