NOSTALGIA: Youth custardy

Trevor takes a pasting
Trevor takes a pasting

Custard pies are not really very good for you – too many calories and they’ll start to alter your waistline measurements.

So, if you have made some and have second thoughts about eating them, pictured here is an idea for an alternative usage.

All you need is a pair of stocks, much like the ones used for punishment purposes in time gone by, a village green or an open space, and somebody to put in them.

On a Saturday afternoon back in October 1969, members of Daventry Mixed Youth Club were able to find all the required ingredients, including a goodly supply of custard pies not intended for consumption.

Instead they were used to pelt at Trevor Ryves, son of the leader of the youth club PC George Ryves.

From the moment Trevor was put in the stocks, a succession of luscious, golden pies landed on the youngster’s face and head.

But Trevor took the pasting all for a good cause.

It created a bit of a stir and drew a crowd on Daventry’s Market Square where the club was collecting funds from the community as part of National Youth Club Week.